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Seasoned Roofing and Painting Company in Iowa

Walter Wells Roof Coatings and Painting is a reliable agricultural, residential, and commercial roofing and painting company serving Iowa properties. Founded in 1947, we’re a fourth-generation, family-owned business that takes pride in serving Iowan farmers and property owners daily. We’ve built our success from the ground up, working hard and completely dedicating ourselves to our customers. Our owner, Mr. Wells, has spent four decades serving the state’s farming communities. By choosing us, you’ll receive skilled, trained roof and coating professionals committed to enhancing your property. You can depend on us to provide top-quality services and products for your home or business.

Red colored house in a farm

Innovative Solutions. Small-Town Values

We always remember our roots. We began by serving local farming communities and continue to do so today. Though we’ve expanded our service areas and capabilities, we stay true to our small-town values. We comprise proud Iowans who live in and care for the communities we serve. Common sense, humbleness, decency, and hard work lay at the heart of everything we do. Our Midwest background, combined with the latest roof and painting equipment, technology, and techniques, make us the best choice for Iowans. You can depend on us to perform top-quality work with unmatched craftsmanship, small-town friendliness, and dedication.

Here to Protect Your Home and Livelihood

At Walter Wells Roof Coatings and Painting, safety and comfort are among our top priorities. A faulty roof or paint job can make a significant, negative impact on your happiness and satisfaction. Our goals include ensuring your property is secure and beautiful. Our advanced waterproofing and sealants will keep your property, people, and the fruits of your labor protected year-round. We make swift, careful repairs to restore your property within your budget and timeline. We’ll inspire confidence in your property and keep it functioning and thriving. From small-scale to complex jobs and projects, we are your most trusted choice for roofing, painting, and coating.

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